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Curriculum Vitae
BA & MA in Physics:   Oxford University
Ph.D. in Astronomy:   Cambridge University
NATO & Lindemann Fellowships:   Steward Observatory, Arizona
Research Fellowship:   Jesus College Cambridge
Professor:   University of Virginia

PDF version of my CV (2015): here

Research Interests
Active galaxies
Normal galaxy dynamics
Star formation in galaxies
Galaxy Clusters

Public Outreach

1)   Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe

A 36 lecture course on 6 DVDs
18 hours of lectures with 1700 images & animations.
Made for "The Teaching Company"
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Released November 2008
Sale price $99, every few weeks.

2)   Big Bang Acoustics

Listen to the Big Bang !
Follow the links below
(or click image)

The sounds are .wav and most movies are Quicktime (.mov).
Your computer must recognize these to play them.
Note also: small (laptop) computer speakers miss the deep tones.

Please use & download any part. All I ask is that if you use it publicly,
please acknowledge its source, thank you.

1)   Brief summary:   pdf 

2a)   Press release:   pdf 
A 6 page description of the project in non-technical language.

2b)   Short Article:   pdf 
Article for "Echoes": Newsletter of the Acoustical Society of America.
Somewhat different emphasis; slightly more technical (3 pages).

2c)   Longer article:   html 
Article for "Griffith Observer": Primal Scream: Sounds from the Big Bang.
General audience; fuller article, with figures and sounds. (10 pages).

3)   Web Site:  
A fairly complete account of Big Bang Acoustics, in 16 sections.
Many sounds and movies to play (and download).
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Safari best, other browsers may not work as well.

4)   Audio podcasts for the 2009 "365 Days of Astronomy"
Two 10-minute interviews (produced by Richard Drumm):
June 27:   "Cries from the Infant Universe"
Dec 3:     "When the Universe was Young"

3)   A Brief History of Matter

Recounts of the origin of atoms, from inside stars to you and me.
Includes deeper roots in the Big Bang, and further reflections.

Web version, with figures.
PDF version (text only, no figures).
First published as three articles in India's Akashmitra (2003/4)
Prize essay in Griffith Observer Science Writing Contest (2004)

Teaching and Course Web Pages

Graduate Extragalactic Astronomy Astronomy 5630/40   
Extensive lecture notes and other resources.

gzipped tar files for the whole site & associated movies (200 & 430 MB; Sept 2015)
Rename second directory "Movies" and place within main site directory.
Solutions to homework problems are available to Professors on request.

My research focuses primarily on Seyfert's and other active galaxies. For this research I use large optical telescopes, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope.
Three images of the Seyfert 2 active galaxy, Markarian 78. Top: NICMOS near IR image showing the smooth starlight distribution. Middle: WFPC [OIII] 5007 emission line image shows diffuse doubly ionized oxygen. Bottom: VLA 3.6cm radio shows synchrotron emission from relativistic particles ejected from the nucleus in a jet. These images are part of our study of jet-gas interactions in active galaxies.

Big Bang Acoustics
AAS Denver press talk on Big Bang Acoustics (June 04). The sound an object makes (whether the Universe or, in this case, a wine glass) tells us about its structure.
(photo: Richard Dreiser, AAS)
Click on image to hear Creation's first 400,000 years. Picture shows evolution of sound spectrum, with fundamental and harmonics dropping to lower pitch. (See Big Bang Acoustics) links on the left.

Selected Publications

Star-Forming Galaxies in Low-redshift Clusters: Comparison of Integrated Properties of Cluster and Field Galaxies
Bretherton, C. F. James, P. A. Moss, C. & Whittle, M.   2010, A&A, 524, A24.   ADS   PDF

The Nuclear Outflow in NGC 2110
Rosario, D. J. Whittle, M. Nelson, C. H. & Wilson, A. S.   2010, MNRAS, 408, 565-579.   ADS   PDF

The Radio Jet Interaction in NGC 5929: Direct Detection of Shocked Gas
Rosario, D. J. Whittle, M. Nelson, C. H. & Wilson, A. S.   2010, ApJ, 711, L94-L98.   ADS   PDF

Star-Forming Galaxies in Low-redshift Clusters: Data and Integrated Galaxy Properties
Thomas, C. F. Moss, C. James, P. A. Bennett, S. M. Aragon-Salamanca, A. & Whittle, M.   2008, A&A 486, 755-761   ADS   PDF   On line data

Jet-driven Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies
Rosario, D. J. Whittle, M. Nelson, C. H. & Wilson, A. S.   2008, Mem.S.A.It. 79, 1217-1220   ADS   PDF

O VI Asymmetry and an Accelerated Outflow in an Obscured Seyfert: FUSE and HST STIS Spectroscopy of Mrk 533
Shastri, P., Hutchings, J., Murthy, J. Whittle, M. & Wills, B.J.   2006, ApJ, 646, 76-84.   ADS   PDF

Jet-Gas Interaction in Markarian 78. II. Ionization Mechanisms
Whittle, M. Rosario, D. J. Silverman, J. D. Nelson, C. H. & Wilson, A. S.   2005, AJ 129, 104-124   ADS   PDF

An H-alpha Survey of Cluster Galaxies - V. Cluster-field Comparison for Early-type Galaxies
Moss, C. & Whittle, M.   2005, MNRAS, 357, 1337-1347.   ADS   PDF   On line data

Jet-Gas Interactions in Markarian 78. I. Morphology and Kinematics
Whittle, M. & Wilson, A.S.   2004, AJ 127, 606-624   ADS   PDF

Ionization Mechanisms in Jet-dominated Seyferts: A Detailed Case Study
Rosario, D.J. Whittle, M. Silverman, J.D. Wilson, A.S. & Nelson, C.H.   2004 IAU Symp. 222, 287-290   ADS   PDF

Seyfert Jets: Weak, Slow and Heavy
Whittle, M. Silverman, J.D. Rosario, D.J. Wilson, A.S. & Nelson, C.H.   2004, IAU Symp. 222, 299-304   ADS   PDF

Star Formation in Seyfert Bulges
Whittle, M. & Nelson, C.H.   2003, ASP Conf. 297, 433-435.   ADS   PDF

Cluster Galaxy Infall and Tidally-induced Star Formation
Moss, C. & Whittle, M.   2003, ASP Conf. 297, 243-244.   ADS   PDF

Seyfert Galaxies   (Invited Review)
Whittle, M.   2000, Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, IoP, 1-12.   ADS   PDF

An H-alpha Survey of Eight Abell Clusters: the Dependence of Tidally Induced Star Formation on Cluster Density
Moss, C. & Whittle, M.   2000, MNRAS, 317, 667-686.   ADS   PDF

Hubble Space Telescope/Faint Object Spectrograph Spectroscopy of Spatially Resolved Narrow-Line Regions in the Seyfert 2 Galaxies NGC 2110 and NGC 5929
Ferruit, P. Wilson, A.S. Whittle, M. Simpson, C. Mulchaey, J.S. & Ferland, G.J.   1999, ApJ 523, 147-162.   ADS   PDF

Tidally Induced Star Formation in Abell 1367
Moss, C. Whittle, M. & Pesce, J.E.   1998, MNRAS, 300, 205-220   ADS   PDF

Tidally-Induced Star Formation in Cluster Galaxies
Moss, C. & Whittle, M.   1997, R.Mex.A.A., 6, 145-147.   ADS   PDF

Stellar and Gaseous Kinematics of Seyfert Galaxies. II. The Role of the Bulge
Nelson, C.H. & Whittle, M.   1996, ApJ, 465, 96-114.   ADS   PDF

Stellar and Gaseous Kinematics of Seyfert Galaxies. I. Spectroscopic Data
Nelson, C.H. & Whittle, M.   1995, ApJS, 99, 67-106.   ADS   PDF

Radio and Emission-Line Jets in the Type 2 Seyfert Galaxy Markarian 1066 (UGC 2456)
Bower, G. Wilson, A.S. Morse, J.A. Gelderman, R. Whittle, M. & Mulchaey, J.   1995, ApJ, 454, 106-118   ADS   PDF

Multiwavelength tests of the dusty torus model for Seyfert galaxies
Mulchaey, J.S. Koratkar, A. Ward, M.J. Wilson, A.S. Whittle, M. Antonucci, R.R.J. Kinney, A.L. & Hurt, T.   1994. ApJ, 436, 586-598.   ADS   PDF

An optical study of compact steep-spectrum radio sources. 1: The spectroscopic data
Gelderman, R. & Whittle, M.   1994, ApJS, 91, 491-505.   ADS   PDF

Ionized Gas Kinematics in Active and Related Galaxies (Invited Review)
Whittle, M.   1994, proc. of. Mass-Transfer Induced Activity in Galaxies,   ADS   PDF

More Complete Bibliography:   ADS.


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